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SimSmart's Cape Town Hub

Smartcall worked together with Vodacom, to launch a training center and distribution hub in Cape Town. This hub has already trained more than 700 people and is one of four hubs in the country that aims at training local people and informal businesses to help them generate more income. Ernesto Roma, owner, and manager of the Smartcall Cape Town Hub describes the hub as an open opportunity to everyone who is looking at earning extra income. The hub is not only focusing on unemployed people. The hub aims to distribute SIM cards around the Western Cape province through participation in the Smartcall offering. The offering includes selling Vodacom starter packs, and airtime for all networks, handsets on order, RICA training, starter pack distribution. Permanent job opportunities can be created for those who show excellence and willingness to their job. Tichaona Karuma and Emily Khumalo are training instructor at the Cape Town Hub. The hub generates its revenue from a small percentage they receive from ongoing revenue. There are plans to open more hubs around the Western Cape province. The other hubs are in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and Gauteng.

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